Beam Drilling Line DRL-336
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Beam Drill Line DRL-336 Machine Features

• High-speed carbide, spade, or
  twistbit drilling

• Simultaneous multi-axis drilling

• 20 hp variable speed spindles

• 100-2,400 variable spindle rpm

• Brushless AC servo / ball screw
 feed system

• Proportional valve controlled
  hydraulic positioning system

• Automatic web location gaging
  and web depth hole compensation

• Independent web probing for flange hole

• Thru-spindle coolant system

• #4 Morse drill spindle taper

• Positioning accuracy +/- 1/32”

• Machine weight approx. 28,000 lbs

• Air conditioned Windows XP

• Controlled Automation's SICAM
  operating software

• Easily networked

Beam Drill Line DRL-336 Material Capacities

• Maximum material width: 48”

• Minimum width: 4”

• Maximum material weight: 1,000   lb/ft

• Maximum hole size: 2-1/4”

• Maximum flange height: 18”

Machine Description

One of the newest additions to Controlled Automation’s vast product line is the DRL-348MT high speed production drill line. This machine has been designed and engineered to provide the maximum pr oductivity, while using less floorspace, at the cost of an entry level structural drill line. With a 48” maximum material width capacity, and a minimum material width of 4”, combined with the 1000 lb/ft conveyor system, the DRL-348MT is able to process even the largest of structural members. The DRL-348MT comes standard with Controlled Automation's SICAM® software, as well as our proven drilling technologies including...

• Soft Touch Material Sensing®
• Bit Breakthrough Technology®
• Overthrust Protection®
• Tip Angle Compensator®
• Partial Hole Feed Correction®
• Editable Drill Tool Database for
   all types of drill tooling
• Material Flange Probing for Web Holes

For more information on this or any of our full product line, please contact any one of our dedicated sales staffmembers today for your custom quote.

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