Robust and powerful 3-spindle drill Line with automatic tool-changer for the world's heaviest beam sections.

  • High speed 3-spindle drilling with tool-changer

    We produce the DRL-348TC 3-spindle drill line without any limitations for the structural steel or bridge fabricator. Each of the 3 spindles operate with a precision ball-screw feed (instead of a hydraulic ram) for fast carbide drilling capabilities. On each axis you have an automatic 5-station tool changer for flexibility of operation on parts with more than one hole size. The build quality on the DRL-348TC is like no other drill - built like a tank with a weight of over 30,000lbs for handling years of rugged use in a harsh environment. Controlled Automation designed it to handle the LARGEST 48" (1.2m) wide 1,000lb per foot (1,488kg/m) material with ease. Our unsurpassed X-probe measuring system ensures you have EXACT measurement on the length of your material far exceeding the accuracy of a wheel measurement tool by any manufacturer.


  • Fully automatic tool-changer on each axis

    More efficiency means more production out the door. The Controlled Automation DRL-348TC comes loaded with 5 automatic tool-changers on each axis to allow for marking and drilling of various size holes without stopping your production. Our computer control feedback on the spindle drives and ball-screw are monitored to alert the control of worn tools. The worn tools can then be automatically changed to a new replacement and continue the drilling process without any operator intervention.


  • Advanced Angle Feed™ for correct force
    and rotation of the bit used

    No competitive system has the capabilities of the Advanced Angle Feed™ for maintaining critical measurements of the tip size being used. The dynamic RPM and feed-rate controlled by the Advanced Angle Feed™ system allows for a more accurate starts and maintains the chip load for the varying size tips of all drill tools. This provides an even distribution of the force and spin throughout the entire angle of the bit. The last part of the tool entering the surface of the workpiece has the same wear as the starting point, saving the cutting edge quality of the blades throughout.


  • Drill tool database

    The Controlled Automation control features keep tooling costs at the very minimum while producing the parts quickly and more efficiently than other conventional designs. Our extensive Drill Tool Database provides users with a full list of bit types to choose from in conjunction with the material grade to ensure the most accurate usage and the longest possible life for that particular tool. All records and entries for drill tools are expandable and editable by the user, if so desired, in order to meet a higher demand of performance from the operation or to fine tune any new or existing tool product. The monitoring of worn tools can be automatically changed to a new replacement and continue on with the drilling process using the automatic tool-changer.


  • Soft-Touch Material Sensing™ on skewed and distorted materials

    The Soft-Touch Material Sensing™ developed by Controlled Automation's patented process measures depth and bow in the web of workpieces to compensate accordingly. Another function measures the center of flanges to determine the actual placement of web holes on skewed material using the flange spindles. This improves hole placement on inaccurate true-shape beams. Unparalleled productivity over any other drill system is assured by no longer producing holes 1/2” or more out of place that other drill line manufacturers struggle with when drilling "real-world" imperfect size beams.



Max Material Width 48" (1.2m)
Max Material Height 18" (0.5m)
Maximum hole size 2-1/4" (57mm)
Machine Weight 30,000lbs + (13,620kg +)
Spindle Type CAT40
Variable spindle RPM 100-2,400 RPM
Max Material Weight 1,000lb per foot (1,488kg/m)
Tool Magazines 5 tools per spindle

Though-spindle mist coolant


Part Marking
Tandem Saw Operation Straight or Miter Cutting
Various Material Handling  

Other Options Available

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