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Communication made simple.

With its integration to both inventory management software and detailing programs, Controlled Automation's SICAM controllers are more dependable and eliminate bottlenecks. The Windows controller offers operators a familiar environment that keeps operations and networking simple to use.


Easy Maintenance

The innovative approach is often time the simplest. We use off-the-shelf parts on our machines and retrofits. Parts readily available are parts easy to replace. That means no big expense and little down-time when something is needed.

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Real-time Feedback

Built in communication with FabTrol and Detailing programs allows for less paperwork throughout the shop and less room for human error.

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Stay connected to your jobs

Built in wi-fi and ethernet networking is standard for communicating to the office. With SICAM controller software, you can keep track of jobs being run, when a process has been completed, by which operator, and how long it took.

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Faster than ever before

Controlled Automation builds its SICAM controller with the latest Intel i4 Quad-Core processor using a solid state hard drive for the fastest start up and zero lag running our machines. See all featuresarrow_blueonwhite.gif



Switching to a Controlled Automation machine or SICAM controller can lower your carbon footprint (and electric bill). We use only one PC unlike others that combine a PC and an additional CNC controller such as Fagor. Learn morearrow_blueonwhite.gif



Make your machine produce higher volumes than ever before.

With a Controlled Automation retrofit, we can improve mechanical performance and in some cases provide a machine with production capabilities better than when it was new. Technologies, such as Partial Retract punches, increase performance on angle lines up to 30%. Partial Retract uses the SICAM controller to lift punches based on the material thickness instead of lifting all the way on a punch cycle such as on how Anglemasters process.




3D Part Viewing

Check for problem files effortlessly in 3D and with automatic part dimensioning. download demoarrow_blueonwhite.gif


CAD Integration

Process files directly from detailing packages like AceCad, SDSII, or Tekla and modify them if they are incorrect.


Connect your office and shop like never before

Integrate with CAD packages to change colors of 3D models as parts are produced.


Keep yourself, erectors, or customers up to date on projects in real time.




Your own team of experts.

We're always here to help with professional advice with top of the line service, support and training. We offer free phone support and can connect to our SICAM controller via the internet to provide additional upgrades and assistance.

Get set up. Get trained. Get going.

We provide fast assistance in determining what type of upgrade is available for your machine and what options you have. Included in all retrofits and upgrades is training for office employees and operators in the shop to get you running fast. We offer both online training and onsite training with all updates so you will be ready for us when we arrive. Learn morearrow_blueonwhite.gif

Hot Burntable upgrades

We're here to help



HPRXD upgrade

Upgrade your HyPerformance HPR400XD, HPR260 or HPR130 to the latest XD technology for superior cut quality and consistency, maximized productivity, minimized operating costs and unmatched reliability. Learn morearrow_blueonwhite.gif

True Hole process

Significantly improves hole quality without requiring operator intervention. Learn morearrow_blueonwhite.gif


Let us give you the knowledge and experience we have when deciding on new equipment or upgrading your own. Our team of dedicated engineers, service technicians, software experts, and sales associates are always more than happy to assist you.




Request a popular Retrofit Package:

Plate processing machines

HPRXD and True Hole update - Plasma upgrade for Hypertherm HPR series torches

Burntable Retrofit - Retrofit and controller upgrade for an existing burntable
(i.e. ESAB, Burny, Koiki, etc)

Drill Lines

Drill Line Retrofit - Retrofit and controller upgrade for an existing Drill Line
(i.e. Peddinghaus, Ficep, Voortman, Promabeam, etc)

Angle Lines

Angle Line Retrofit - Retrofit and controller upgrade for an existing Angle Line

DOS to Windows Update

DOS to Windows - Update an older DOS Controlled Automation controller


New Machine Lines:

Plate processing machines

ProMAX - Plasma

PlasMAX - High-Definition Plasma

MultiMAX - Plasma & Oxyfuel

BTD-8X - Drill, Plasma & Oxyfuel

GPF-10X - Drill with tool-changer, Plasma & Oxyfuel

Drill Lines

DRL-348TC - 3 spindle drill with tool changer

DRL-344 - High capacity 3 spindle drill

Angle Lines

ABL-74T - 6x6x1/2

ABL-86T - 6x6x5/8

ABL-100HS - 8x8x1


Note: All parts supplied by us receive the same warranty as with all our new machinery.

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