"The Beast" - Our largest and most versitile offering in a combination drilling & cutting machine

  • The machine to handle the heaviest plate demands

    Our GPD+ handles plate up to 14' ft. wide and as long as you want to process. With its CAT50 spindle, flood coolant or mist coolant and optional automatic tool changer, you have the flexibility to handle any range of holes up to 3-1/2" hole diameter through a 7" thick plate. The GPD+ comes standard with a 400amp plasma and oxyfuel cutting system to compliment the 30HP high speed drilling capability. The advanced drilling system is available in a mist or flood coolant to allow surface milling, counter-sinking, counter-bore, and tapping capabilities.
    Also availabe is our GPD-144 model offering of the machine with drilling only (without plate cutting capability).


  • High Definition Plasma / Drilling / Oxy-fuel cutting

    The GPD+ utilizes three key tools for plate production: High definition plasma, high-speed drilling, and an oxy-fuel torch station. Our 400amp plasma with automatic gas control is supplied with True Hole Process for the best cut quality available on any combination plate machine. The CA nesting software communicates with the plasma to adjust the gas flows, pressures, and amperages in real time. With this capability, the system can create layout marks, identification, and reference information as well. The Oxy-Fuel system also automatically sets the gas pressures depending on the plate thickness and torch tip being used. CAT 50 Drilling is done with a precision ball-screw feed for high speed carbide drilling up to virtually any hole diameter hole with an optional automatic tool-changer.

  • Bridge Design

    The machine bridge is a tubular steel section that has been stress relieved after welding, then machined down its length to provide a flat, straight seat for the guide rails. This provides superior accuracy for all tools. The tubular steel section is filled with a material designed to lower its resonant frequency which reduces vibration while high speed carbide drilling. The bridge is driven along the rail system length by use of dual AC servo motors (one on each side) coupled to low backlash planetary gear reducers. Helical rack and pinions are used to reduce cogging and vibration as normally witnessed when using straight rack and pinions.


  • SICAM Advanced Plate Nesting

    Controlled Automation offers the cutting edge (no pun intended) in advanced shape nesting software and beyond. Our Nesting software is used throughout all Controlled Automation machinery for easy navigation between machines for the operator. We also allow seamless integration with a variety of communication tools unavailable on any other cutting machine in the world. Controlled Automation imports from all current 3D drafting models (such as Design Data SDS-2 and Tekla detailing software) and communicates with the latest inventory management software (such as FabTrol and FabSuite) to handle the cutting edge of production.



Effective Cutting Length   14' to 124' (4.3m to 37.8m)
Effective Cutting Width   14' (4.3m)
Drive Configuration   Rack and Pinion, with AC digital servo amplifiers
Variable spindle RPM   0 - 2,4000 RPM  
Spindle Type   CAT50
Body Construction    Low Resonance Gantry
Dual Side Drive    All Models
TOOLS Specs    
1 Oxy-Fuel torch (max) Automatic gas control    
1 Plasma station (max) Automatic gas control    
Contour Bevel Capable Orbital Plasma Bevel optional    
1 Drill station (max) 30HP / CAT50